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[[Dexter and Harry are walking through a crowd of people]]
Narrator: A short while later...
Dexter: Bogon Alley! If it's a geek tool or toy, you'll find it here. This is where we'll find your supplies for your first semester.

[[Harry looks back as a few people make a commotion about seeing Harry]]
Dexter: First we'll pick up your peripherals, then buy a compiler, and finally stop by Groklots Bank to pick up... something else.

[[Dexter gestures to a store marked Olivetti's]]
Dexter: This here's Olivetti's, finest maker of input devices around. Every hacker needs a way to interface with their machine: keyboards, mice, trackballs...

[[Olivetti stands by his counter with his hands behind his back]]
Olivetti: Ah, the famous Harry Barker. What an honor. When I heard you were attending Hollerith's this year, I had hoped you would visit...

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