General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harmony starts to leave Harry and Donald's train cabin]]
Harmony: You should really change into your robes, Harry. We'll be arriving soon, and you shan't--
Boy: Harry? Harry Barker?

[[Boy surprises Harmony]]
Boy: So the rumors ARE true. Harry Barker has come to Hollerith's.
Harry: Am I the only one who never got this memo?

[[Boy sneers at Donald]]
Boy: Darco Mouso. You should choose your friends more wisely, Barker. You don't want to be seen associating with the wrong kind of people.
Donald: Go segfault, Mouso.

[[Harmony talks back to Darco]]
Harmony: Harry knows the "wrong kind of people" when he sees them, Mouso. Right, Harry?
Harry: I mean, do I have a big neon arrow on my forehead?

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