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[[Donald, Harry, and Harmony walk down a school hallway]]
Donald: Zounds! This schedule is murder! I didn't know there was this many types of math!
Harmony: Oh, the math's easy. Data structures will be much more difficult.

[[Donald continues to look over his schedule while Harry and Harmony read the newspaper]]
Donald: Says you. I don't know an integer from a polynomial. How'm I--
Harmony: Boys! Listen to this article in the Daily Proglet!

Harmony: "Hacking authorities are still baffled by yesterday's mysterious break-in at Groklots' Vast RAID of Storage. The legendary impenetrable databank continues to state nothing was stolen as the targeted vault was emptied earlier that morning."

[[Harry and Harmony continue to pour over the newspaper while a startled Donald looks up]]
Harry: That's around the time Dexter picked up something from the bank. I wonder if there's a connection...
Off-panel voice: I wonder if you three forgot where your next class should be...

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