General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harmony, Harry, and Donald are lost in the corridors of Hollerith's]]
Harmony: This is the third floor east wing! Professor Dumpingcore told us at the banquet that this was off limits!
Donald: Ah, calm down, Harmony...

[[Donald holds the handle of a nearby door]]
Donald: We just took a wrong turn. I'll bet the main hall is right behind this door...

[[A huge, three-headed robotic dog with glowing eyes and the name tag of Kerberos stands in their way]]
Kerberos: [[in a computer voice]] Napier's Bones service requested; present ticket granting ticket.
Donald and Harry: AAH!

[[The three run away from Kerberos]]
Harmony: Who would keep a monster like that in a school?
Harry: Someone with something to hide and a REALLY big doghouse! Run!

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