General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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Sorry to "cheese" everyone off as Don predicts, but the break-neck pacing of this story wouldn't allow me to directly incorporate the "Quakish" match into the strip. There's just too much to fit in and too little space to do it in. However, there is an extensive Quakish entry in the Wiki that explains the history and rules of the game for those who are curious. For that matter, make sure to check out all the Harry Barker entries in the Wiki; there's a lot of back story, as well as explanations of some of the computer industry/hacker in-jokes and links back to Harry Potter for those unfamiliar with those universes.[Comic for Monday, September 8, 2008]


[[Harmony and Donald walk out of the arena with Harry wearing a scuffed Quakish suit]]
Narrator: One brutal game of "Quakish" later...
Harmony: Brilliant, Harry! You found the golden power-up!
Donald: Everybody who missed that game will be royally cheesed off!

[[Harmony looks angry]]
Harry: Well, things were going great up until my gun started to jam. It was all I could do then to dodge incoming fire.
Harmony: That's because Sysape was hacking your client.

[[Donald speaks with the background image of Harmony crawling behind Sysape at a row of computers]]
Donald: It's true. Harmony saw him in the corner, hacking away in front of a monitor. She managed to unplug the power strip and all the computers attached to it. If she hadn't, Sysape would have owned you for sure.

[[Harry, Harmony, and Donald continue to talk]]
Harry: But why would Sysape want me to lose the game?
Donald: Seriously, mate? He doesn't LIKE you.
Harmony: I'm not sure he's ever liked ANYONE.

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