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[[Harry is surprised at Prof Dumpingcore's (Tim's) voice]]
Prof Dumpingcore: It is the Mirror of Awkandsed.
Harry: P-Professor Dumpingcore!

[[Prof Dumpingcore looks down at Harry as he talks to him]]
Prof Dumpingcore: It is a very special file server. It shows you exactly what you more desire on its monitor. Tell me... what do you see, Harry?

[[Harry looks at the screen and sees his parents behind him]]
Harry: I see... my parents.
Prof Dumpingcore: Many have wasted their lives trying to access its hard drives... which is why I will have it moved first thing in the morning and I want you to forget you saw it.

[[Harry looks back up at Prof Dumpingcore]]
Harry: But... WHY?
Prof Dumpingcore: Because you can only access its files when you don't really want them. It's rather useless as a file server, really...

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