General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harry runs into the common room where Donald is on a PDA and Harmony is on her laptop]]
Harry: He's alive! Gnawthrylilees is still alive!
Donald: Don't say that name! Besides, what makes you think he's alive?

[[Harry comes up to the table where Donald and Harmony are sitting]]
Harry: I overheard Sysape and Quux arguing. Sysape was trying to force Quux to give him the password to get past that giant robot dog.
Donald: But why?

Harmony: He must be trying to get to the Napier's Bones.
Harry: But what does that have to do with Gnaw... with you know who?

[[Harmony turns her laptop around to face Harry and smiles]]
Harmony: That's what Wikipedia is for.
Donald: It's the hacker version, not the Luddie-sanitized one.

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