General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harry, Harmony, and Donald focus on Harmony's laptop]]
Harmony: But how does Sysape fit into all this?
Donald: Duh. He's in league with you know who. He tries to off Harry, he's beating up Quux...

Harry: All this is speculation. We don't have any evidence to support that theory. Besides, if Dumpingcore had Dexter bring the bones here, he must have thought this was a safe place to keep them.

Harmony: But Sysape is on the faculty. Dumpingcore probably trusts him, which makes him a perfect mole.
Donald: Aye, he's even weaselly looking.
Harry: Still, we need to tell Dumpingcore directly.

[[Donald, Harmony, and Harry visit Prof McDongle (Patty) after changing clothes]]
Prof McDongle: Professor Dumpingcore? He was recently called away on urgent business and won't be back for several days...

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