General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harry stands in front of Prof McDongle (Patty)]]
Harry: We have reason to believe that... someone is going to steal the Napier's Bones, professor.
Prof McDongle: How did you--

[[Harmony speaks up]]
Harmony: We know all about the robot dog and the universal algorithm. We think someone is trying to help--
Prof McDongle: I don't know how you three found out about all this...

[[Prof McDongle looks stern]]
Prof McDongle: But I can assure you that the Bones are perfectly safe. They are well guarded by traps and puzzles designed by several members of the faculty. Now I strongly advise you to return to your dorms before I'm forced to start handing out demerits.

[[Donald, Harmony, & Harry walk out of Prof McDongle's office]]
Harmony: She won't listen. Now what do we do?
Harry: We get to the Bones first.
Donald: I was afraid you'd say something like that...

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