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[[Harry, Don, and Harmony run across the school grounds as night falls.]]
Harmony: One problem: how do we get past that robot dog?
Don: Sounds like three problems to me...
Harry: I've got an idea.

[[The three approach Dexter's hut. Dexter opens the door, looming over the three children.]]
Dexter: Well, hello there! What brings you three here so late?

[[As Harry speaks, Don and Harmony seem confused as to where he's leading.]]
Harry: Dexter, I've heard around campus that you're a big "Star Trek" fan, right?
Dexter: Oh, that's no secret. Why?

[[Harry takes on a mischevious smile as he continues.]]
Harry: Oh, I just found this unproduced Harlan Ellison "Star Trek" script online and thought that maybe you'd--
Dexter: [Interrupting] "The City On The Edge Of Forever" Guy?! GIMMIE!

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