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[[Donald and Harry continue to stare at the wall as Harmony looks as the book on the pedestal]]
Harry: So what does this anti-kitten-hair thing do?
Harmony: The Antikythera Mechanism was a mechanical computer for computing astronomical positions.

[[Overhead shot of the three]]
Harmony: It was built before 100 BC and with a sophistication that wouldn't be seen again for a thousand years. Some say Hipparchus or even Archimedes had a hand in designing it.

[[All three now look at the book]]
Donald: What's this, then?
Harmony: It's binary, but it looks like ASCII. Should be easy enough to decode. I think it's a poem...

[[Close-up on Donald and Harmony]]
Harmony: "As Jupiter stood upon a ridge, his court sat down to a game of bridge. Mercury north and Venus south, Saturn east while Mars ran his mouth. O'er Saturn's shoulder Jove did thump and whispered to Vee, 'Sat's got the trump.'"
Donald: No, that's not confusing at all...

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