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[[Harmony turns to Harry and Donald]]
Harmony: No, don't you get it? It's a puzzle! It's telling us how to position the planets on the Antikythera Mechanism!

[[Harmony starts diagramming the various planets]]
Harmony: First, we have to translate the names. We use Roman names for the planets, but Greeks built the machine. Next, the bridge positions tell us where to put the four "seated" gods, which leaves where to put Zeus...

[[Harry and Harmony face each other]]
Harry: To the lower right, where he could whisper to Aphrodite while peeking at Kronos' cards.
Harmony: Precisely! That gives us an exact date at which such an astronomical convergence would occur...

[[Donald points to a keypad by a door as Harmony blushes]]
Donald: Which I'll bet we enter into this keypad by this door! Harmony, you're a genius!
Harmony: Well, actually, I only have an I.Q. of 139...

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