General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harmony, Donald, and Harry look around a large circular room with only one door in front of them]]
Harmony: There's a draft here... and I smell the wumpus!
Harry: There's nothing back the way we came.

[[Donald thinks aloud and Harmony turns to him]]
Donald: We were in the room opposite that one, Harm. So it's clear. That means...
Harmony: The wumpus is beyond that room, which was a pit! That's not fair! How do we defeat it if we fall in?

[[Donald walks to the exit and turns back]]
Donald: I'll go in and shoot the wumpus. Sure, I'll fall in, but it's the only way to win. That'll free you two to find the Bones.
Harmony: Don, you mustn't!

[[Harry and Harmony peer into the darkness of the doorway]]

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