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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harry walks down a corridor with computer geek graffiti on its walls toward a lit room]]
{{Graffiti #1: XYZZY (transportation code in Colossal Cave Adventure}}
{{Graffiti #2: POKE 47196,201 (gives immunity in Knight Lore)}}
{{Graffiti #3: IDSPISPOPD (no clipping in Doom)}}
{{Graffiti #4: Dopefish Lives! (various references, all referring back to the Commander Keen games)}}
Harry: This must be it, there's a light up ahead...

[[Harry looks upon someone accessing the Mirror of Awkandsed in a large room]]
Harry: (in thought) The Mirror of Awkandsed! And...
Harry: Professor Quux?

[[Prof Quux turns back to Harry and they are both reflected in the screen of the Mirror]]
Prof Quux: Yes, Mr. Barker. Surprised to see me? I suppose you were expecting to find Professor... Sysape?

[[Harry and Prof Quux face each other]]
Harry: Actually, I never really thought Sysape was all that bad. A bit intimidating, maybe, but--
Prof Quux: But you were wrong! It was I, not Sysape! Ha ha!

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