General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Harry is a bit annoyed as Prof Quux monologues]]
Harry: But I just said--
Prof Quux: No one suspected poor old, s-stuttering Quux, did they, hm? No one could penetrate my masterful ruse!

[[Harry and Prof Quux face each other]]
Harry: Actually, I don't think I've seen you more than twice before today...
Prof Quux: You are crafty, Barker, I'll give you that...

[[Prof Quux twists Harry's arm to force him to face the monitor]]
Prof Quux: Let us put that craftiness to work. I know the mirror shows me what I want, but how do I get it? You're Dumpingcore's little pet, boy. What do you see?

[[The image of Prof Quux and Fooker Barker are behind Harry in the monitor, and Fooker is pointing downward at something]]
Harry: I-I see... my father...

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