General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones

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[[Prof Quux whips a mouse at Harry, cracks the monitor of the Mirror of Awkandsed, and sends Harry diving for cover]]

[[Harry hides behind the table, holding the Napier's Bones]]
Harry: (in thought) I've got the Bones! But now what? Where's the on switch?
Prof Quux: (off-panel) Hand over the Bones, boy!

[[Prof Quux talks as Harry comes out of his hiding spot]]
Prof Quux: Only Lord Gnawthrylilees has the knowledge required to unlock its secrets! Join us and he will be merciful... perhaps he will even make you a lieutenant in his new world order...
Harry: Let me get this straight...

[[Harry stomps on the Napier's Bones]]
Harry: He murders my parents, tries to murder me, and you think I'm going to help him out? What are you, stupid?

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