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Nick: As you said, Fooker, no pressure. Just the fate of the company on my shoulders...
Fooker: Aw, you'll do great, Nickster.

Fooker: Mike and I built that system out of spit and bailing twine the year before Ki started. Mike did all the design work, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
Nick: You did keep the specification document handy, right?

Fooker: Oh, heck no. That got blown away when we scrubbed his hard drive before selling that machine. But it's just a few thousand lines of C code to parse.... Although we may have gotten into a little "obfuscated C" contest about a third of the way in.

Nick: Tell me that it's at least well commented....
Fooker: Comments? You can actually comment your code?

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