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[[A table is cluttered with pizza boxes, soda, and pieces of paper with writing]]
Narrator: The following evening:
Nick (offscreen): This pizza's pretty good. Does Fooker know about this place?
Ki (from across the table): He... might be aware of it.

[[Ki and Nick each look at a page while the clock reads 10:15]]
Nick: OK, I think I've figured out "foobaz.h"... assuming no recursive includes, it calls "barney.h", which includes "fred.h" and "dino.h"...
Ki: Yabba dabba yuck.

[[Nick hands Ki a page]]
Ki: I don't see how you came this far.
Nick: It wasn't easy. I couldn't follow the include path until I started mapping out a chart. See for yourself...

[[Ki stares at the page, wide-eyed]]
Ki: It's... like a Rorschach test. I think it's boring into my soul...
Nick: It's like a fractal. Infinitely beautiful and frightening at the same time.

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