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[[Ki stands at the doorway while Nick is working at his desk]]
Ki: Ok, I think I managed to break down "spock.h". That's the last stray include file.
Nick: Excellent. I'm almost done documenting "mccoy.h".

[[Ki hands Nick a piece of paper]]
Ki: I Tweaked your fractal include map. Hope you don't mind. It was about the only way I could keep track of things.
Nick: No problem.

[[Nick looks down at the paper]]
Nick: I'll see if can clean this up a bit for the spec document, but I don't see how. The doc itself shouldn't take more than a couple days. I'll do whatever it takes to get done.

[[Ki begins to walk out and Nick focuses back on his monitor]]
Ki: Don't stay too late. There's life outside work, you know.
Nick: Don't worry. Tomorrow's the final episode of "Babylon 5". I'm not missing that.

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