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[[Tim, Patty, and Dexter sit at the kitchen table having lunch]]
Dexter: You never told me you played "Bog of Bloodbath", Tim! What dominion do you play?
Patty: Dominion?
Tim: Game server.

Tim: I play mostly on Nethermoor. I'm not into the PvP stuff. Just questing.
Dexter: I love a great quest chain.
Patty: PvP? Quest chain?

[[They are seen in silhouette]]
Dexter: I generally play on Spiritfiend, but I've got a level 37 warrior on Nethermoor. We should hook up some time. What class and level are you?
Tim: I'm a level 25 wizard. I'm up for some party play every now and then.
Patty: Level what who?

[[Patty is now getting angry]]
Dexter: Great! I love party XP! I even know a good dragon raid quest with awesome NPCs!
Patty: Will you two talk English instead of Nerdish?

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