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{{Dexter, Patty and Tim are walking through a hallway in an apartment block, past doors to apartments, carry groceries or shopping items.}}
Patty: Tell me again why we're breaking into Nick and Ki's apartment.
Dexter: We're _not_ breaking in. I have a key.

{{Dexter and Patti have entered Nick and Ki's apartment. Tim is still carrying his groceries through the doorway.}}
Dexter: Ki asked me to feed Randi while they're away visiting her folks. Tim, can you help me with the snacks.
Patty: Ki... has a cat?
{{Patty notices Ki's cat, Randi, on the sofa, climbing out from under a blanket. Randi may have been sleeping.}}
Randi: mrow?

Patty: Listen, Violin Strings. You stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours.
Tim: Not a cat person?
Dexter: TADA!
{{Randi hisses at Patty}}

{{Patty and Tim join Dexter in the next room where tools lay scattered and cables snake across the floor and stare at a huge contraption...}}
Patty: Holy Charles Babbage! What the heck is _this_?!
Dexter: Meet the MUTEX.

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