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[[Dexter has a VR helmet on his head while Tim looks at his]]
Dexter: C'mon, guys! It's like our own private holodeck! I guarantee you'll love it. Just give it a try.
Tim: Well, I suppose just this once...

[[Patty puts on her VR helmet as Dexter presses a button]]
Dexter: I've hooked up my and Tim's accounts on Nethermoor and whipped you up a new character, Patty. You're all set!
Patty: I'll be a lemming ...again. But you better not put me in a chain mail bikini.

[[Dexter is now a large ax-wielding warrior, Tim is a wizard with a staff, and Patty has a mace and is in a chain mail bikini]]
Dexter: We're in!
Patty: Someone is in for a universe of pain...
{{Patty's text bubble is dripping}}

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