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[[Dexter hides behind his shield.]]
Patty: I said no chain mail bikinis!
Tim: He had no choice! There's only so many character models to choose from in the game!

Dexter: That's... not entirely true. The MUTEX extrapolates the VR setting to fit the world, but it's way more flexible than the game itself. Other players will see her stock model, but the MUTEX bases what we see on both our avatars and our physical appearances.

[[Patty's eyes grow wide as a realization hits her.]]
Patty: So... you two see me... like it's really me wearing... this?
Tim: And, um, apparently that outfit is rather chilly....

[[Patty swings her flail at Dexter who is still hiding behind his shield.]]
Tim: Patty, please! This is a no-PVP server!

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