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[[Dexter, Tim, and Patty are walking up a hill with the sun touching the mountains in the background]]
Tim: It's a good thing the "No Friendly Fire" setting's on. I don't have the spell points yet to res a player of your level, Dex.
Patty: Lucky us.

[[Patty looks around]]
Patty: So is the point of this game to walk for miles without seeing anyone else? This would be much more fun sitting at a keyboard and mouse.
Tim: No, the dominion is rather empty tonight.

[[Patty looks back as Dexter turns to encourage her]]
Patty: Gee, could it be all those other players actually have lives outside the game? No, wait... that's not right....
Dexter: We're approaching Grimwald's Keep. We'll find someone else there.

[[Grimwald's Keep is smoking with large holes in the stone walls and debris scattered around]]
Tim: Or... maybe not.

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