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[[Still in the "Bog of Bloodbath" avatars, Dexter, Tim, and Patty walk into a ruined castle, littered with dead bodies and other signs of battle.]]
Tim: I don't remember a quest chain where Grimwald's Keep is destroyed.
Dexter: Neither do I.

Patty: Maybe this is something new.
Tim: I don't think so. This looks like a player raid.
Patty: I thought you said this was a no-PVP zone.

Dexter: It is, but some jokers occasionally hack their clients. Don't worry, they get booted off after a few days. Besides, I've got Nick's failsafe escape remote right here in case we need to... [As he pats himself down, his face falls.] Um...

[[A narration box reads: "Meanwhile, outside the MUTEX...". Nick and Ki's cat, Randi the Wonder Kitty, reaches over the edge of a desk and playfully paws at what looks like a remote control device.]]
Randi: Mrow?

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