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[[In a long exterior shot, Fooker drives Sharon's car into a snow filled apartment complex parking lot.]]
Fooker: Are you sure about this? We can turn around if you want.
Sharon: Yes, Fooker, I'm sure.

[[Fooker sits behind the wheel, bundled up in winter clothes to the point that we can barely see his face. Sharon looks out the car window in the passenger seat.]]
Fooker: I mean, it is your car. Just ?cause mine won't pass inspection... But you don't have to do this. We can drive right on by.
Sharon: Yes, I do. I want this.

[[Fooker looks to Sharon, who returns the gaze with slight annoyance.]]
Fooker: I'm not sure I want this. And I'm not sure she does either.
Sharon: Well, it's not your choice. And she's already said yes. Don't make me regret bringing you along.
<<knock knock>>

[[Sharon rolls down the car window to reveal Trudy standing beside the car. Both share an awkward smile.]]
Sharon: Ready to meet my ?parents?, sister?

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