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[[Mrs. Murphy, Mr. Murphy, Sharon, Trudy, and Fooker sit around the dining table.]]
Fooker: Awesome spread, Mrs. M. I'm _almost_ not hungry anymore.
Mrs. Murphy: I'll take that as a compliment.
Sharon: As you should.

Mr. Murphy: So, Trudy... Sharon told us you both work for GPF. What do you do there?
Trudy: I'm Director of Marketing.

Mr. Murphy: [off-panel] I'd bet the story of how you two found each other must be interesting. Sharon hasn't told us anything...
[[Trudy and Sharon exchange an uncertain glance.]]
Sharon: Um...

[[Trudy and Sharon look downcast, while Mrs. Murphy glares at Mr. Murphy in the background.]]
Mrs. Murphy: Kyle! Don't pry! The girls will share their story if and when they're ready.

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