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Sharon: I fail to see how this is _my_ fault. _You're_ just as much to blame that we didn't discuss this in advance.
Trudy: Maybe, but _you've_ obviously talked to them since I "arrived". Haven't they already asked?

Sharon: My parents don't pry into every little detail of my life.
Trudy: Maybe _those_ two don't. _Our_ parents will, and Mom at least won't be so easy to fool.

Trudy: She's crafty, manipulative, and has a photographic memory. She is unforgiving of failure or deceit. The second she suspects that our stories don't sync up, she'll prepare for attack. We may never get a second chance to reach her.

Trudy: If you're serious about finding her, we'll need to be on the same sentence, same paragraph, same page.
Sharon: _Now_ you're wanting to find her? Since when were we even in the same _book_?

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