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Sharon: You've been avoiding talking about our parents for _months_ now. Every time I bring the topic up, you change the subject or disappear on me.
Trudy: I told you the first time: You _don't_ want to find them.

Sharon: No, _you_ don't want _me_ to find them. You're _afraid_ of what I might find. I understand they aren't saints: You've made that clear enough. But that doesn't mean I can't find some way to _connect_ with them.

Trudy: You aren't looking to _connect_, Sharon. You want to _save_ them, to "turn them around". I'm telling you Mom doesn't _need_ or _want_ saving. She doesn't want either of us. She never did. We're better off without her, or dad for that matter.

Fooker: As much as I enjoy two hot chicks arguing, you might want to keep it down. Your voices are carrying.

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