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[[Sharon's Mother Alice is grabbing a present from under the Christmas tree as Trudy watches.]]
Alice: For what it's worth, it doesn't matter to me how you two found each other. You'll let us know when you're ready. I'm just happy you _did_, and now you're a part of our family.
Trudy: Alice...

[[Alice, smiling, hands the present to Trudy as she looks shocked.]]
Alice: Shush, dear. You are Sharon's Sister, and she's our little girl. That's reason enough for me. I may not have given birth to you, but you're no less family to me.

[[Trudy gazes at the present sadly.]]
Trudy: I...can't accept this...
Alice: Why not? This is my house and these are my presents. I choose to give one to you. You should open and enjoy it.

[[Trudy turns to look at Alice.]]
Trudy: I...don't have anything for you in return.
Alice: Not a problem. "Thank yous" wrapped in smiles work well enough.

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