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[[Fooker puts on his coat as Sharon and Trudy walk into the room]]
Fooker: My, you two look smug. Did you find two canaries or did you just split one?

[[Fooker helps Sharon on with his coat]]
Sharon: We'll just say our earlier argument has been resolved. Not that it affects you, mister. You're still in the doghouse.
Fooker: What'd I do?

[[Sharon touches Fooker on the nose with her finger]]
Sharon: "Two hot chicks", remember? You've committed a cardinal sin: you admitted to your girlfriend that you find her sister attractive. Therefore no nookie for you until you've been sufficiently punished.
Fooker: ZAWHA?!

[[Trudy leans toward Fooker as he gets angry and Sharon smiles]]
Trudy: Aw, Fooker still finds me attractive? I'm touched. Maybe he needs feminine consoling...
Fooker: No fair! Mixed signals! Mental images! Stop it!

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