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[[Nick, Ki, and Sharon sit at a conference table, apparently discussing the design of a new application.]]
Nick: If we split this table into two and put a look-up table between them, we can reuse these datasets and--
[[Dwayne pops his head through the door and looks around, apparently annoyed.]]
Nick: Something wrong, Dwayne?

Dwayne: Have any of you seen Dexter, Tim, or Patty?
Ki: Not since before the holidays. Did they take some time off?

[[Dwayne storms off as he speaks, leaving the others to exchange suspicious glances.]]
Dwayne: If they did, they didn't bother to inform ME. If they don't show up in the next 24 hours, I'LL inform them they're all FIRED.

[[A narration box reads, "Meanwhile, somewhere in the MUTEX...". Dexter, Tim, and Patty appear to be in a pitched battle with a large dragon. Dexter is mounted on the dragon's neck, his battle ax poised to strike the creature's skull. The top of Tim's staff glows as he beings to cast a magical spell. Meanwhile, Patty simply dives for cover.]]
Patty: I thought you said it was ASLEEP!

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