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[[Dexter wields a bloody axe in the foreground while Tim and Patty rest a bit farther away]]
Tim: I thought... there were no dragons... south of Kilthmoor...
Patty: Nobody told this one...

[[A torn-up Dexter stands over them with his axe]]
Dexter: That's the sixth one we've encountered since we left Grimwald's Keep. This isn't right. The latest expansion pack made some changes, yes, but not to the core world. It only introduced a new continent.

[[Tim turns to Patty; they are also both cut up]]
Patty: You're just figuring that out that now? We've been stuck in this blasted game for how long? Hours? Days? Weeks? All because you forgot that stupid remote...
Tim: Easy, Patty. It was an accident.

[[All three of them stand around]]
Patty: You said I'm a cleric, right? Maybe I'll "accidentally" turn my healing spell on Dex into a curse...
Tim: No PvP, remember? Although this time, I agree with the sentiment...

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