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[[Ki and Nick sit in front of the MUTEX]]
Ki: Then what's the plan?
Nick: First we try to track them down. For that, Wireshark is our friend.

Nick: If I sniff the packets coming and going over the cable modem, I can isolate the IP of the remote machine and figure out which game server they're on. That, at least, should narrow down the search to a single game world.

[[Nick looks back at Ki]]
Nick: From there, one of us will have to go in after them while the other monitors everything from here. It will be a manual search unless I can find some way in game to locate them.

[[Nick turns back to the computer as Ki cracks her knuckles]]
Nick: And since you don't have any experience running the MUTEX...
Ki: Just call me Kithinera the Elven Ranger...

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