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[[Ki's character walks along in the world of Bog of Bloodbath]]
Ki: If you can bump up my level, how about rustling up a horse or something?
Nick: (off-panel) Sorry, rangers can't use mounts in this game.
Ki: Figures.

[[Ki continues to walk]]
Ki: Nick, I'm only guessing this is the right path. There were dozens of tracks out of that Girmwald place. This looks like the same set of footprints but I can't be sure.
Nick: (off-panel) Oh, you've got them alright.

[[Nick is sitting at the computer terminal of the MUTEX]]
Nick: I've been watching the packets and managed to crack some of the game logic. I think I can pinpoint you and every other player on the map. You're making great speed and you'll catch up to them soon.

[[Ki tilts her head in the game]]
Ki: How can you be sure?
Nick: (off-panel) Because there's only five players on the server, and I've got a hunch #5 isn't playing fair...

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