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[[Ki's character continues to walk in the world of Bog of Bloodbath]]
Ki: Only five players? And you think the odd man is a hacker?
Nick: (off-panel) Looks like it. It could explain a few things.

[[Nick works at his computer]]
Nick: I'm now analyzing the game server's traffic. It looks like hundreds of login requests are getting bounced. None of the other servers seem to have this problem. And only two IPs are making valid connections.

[[Ki's character has mountains in the background]]
Ki: One of those is us, including our friends. What makes you think the other IP is a hacker?
Nick: (off-panel) The traffic pattern doesn't match any of ours, and we've got four legit players.

[[Nick is intense in his concentration]]
Nick: There's a whole stream of encrypted sub-packets embedded in his connection. I'm going to capture a few and see what I can decipher.
Ki: (off-panel) Glad I can be a big help...

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