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[[Nick is in silhouette in front of his computer and 3 monitors]]
Nick: Actually, you're giving me tons of valuable data. Using your traffic as an example, I'm certain I know who's who. Now I just need to ID #5.

[[Ki's character in Bog of Bloodbath looks back at a dragon corpse]]
Ki: Why don't you just ping flood him and knock him offline?
Nick: (off-panel) It's too risky.

[[Nick in profile at his computer]]
Nick: All the old MUTEX dangers still apply. If the connection gets severed, you and the others are toast. And something tells me that severing his connection might bring down the server. I can't risk that.

[[Ki looks forward at another slain dragon]]
Ki: I'd appreciate that.
Nick: (off-panel) You should be getting close.
Ki: Another dragon corpse. At least that's better than Dex's orc droppings.

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