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Doctor Nefarious: I'm ashamed of you, Alexis. You were once the hottest, most ruthless woman in all of C.R.U.D.E. _Now_ look at you! Tamed by the U.G.A. petting zoo! I am appalled!

Doctor Not: Please, Nathaniel. We made our bid for world domination and were beaten fair and square. We ran and were caught. It's time we paid the piper, as it were. Devil's due and all.

Nefarious: Easy for you to say, Little Miss Traitor. I've _seen_ you getting all buddy with agent #12. All that "girl talk" ... You _know_ she's plumbing you for information. You've been incriminating all of us for what? Your designer pink "prison uniform"?

Not: For the record, it's "sorbet", not pink. And #12 has the best gossip on your favorite agent, James Baud.
Nefarious: Such as?
Not" He's not James Baud.

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