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[[Doctor Nefarious and Doctor Not continue their conversation as Nefarious pulls up a chair to sit next to Not.]]
Nefarious: Well, then... What's the scuttlebutt on the rest of C.R.U.D.E.? Surely we aren't the only ones in custody.
Not: Interesting you should ask...

Not: Capt. Calamity and Lady Ruin were both killed by agents in 2004. The Damnation Trio botched a teleportation experiment while trying to escape Agent #18 in 2005, only to end up in six separate locations.
Nefrarious: [Biting his lip] Ew. I don't like that math.

Not: Lord Kamatayan and Duchess Lebeti ran off together on a whirlwind tryst of lust and larceny only to end up killing each other over their spoils in 2007.
Nefarious: [Annoyed] Dang. Lebeti wasn't much to look at, but she could sure incite panic.

Not: The most bizarre is Stratego. Maddie says she's now fighting alien invaders in a parallel universe.
Nefarious: [Pounding his fix in manic excitement] That's it! My escape plan! Now if only I can make an interdimensional transport using plastic forks and rubber rain coats!

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