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[[Dr. Nefarious and Dr. Not sitting in prison]]
Dr. Not: Before you plan your cosmic trip, you might want to hear about Inertia. Maddie says he's locked up in here, with us.
Dr. Nefarious: Here? I haven't seen him.

[[Close-up of Not's face with a sly look on her face]]
Dr. Not: That's because they keep him in the deepest, most secure cell in the place. He's in isolation and under constant guard. They know once he breaks loose, there's no stopping him.

[[Pan out to Nefarious and Not pondering why Inertia hasn't tried to escape]]
Dr. Nefarious: That brings up a good point. Inertia could break out any time he wanted.
Dr. Not: If he wanted to. Which brings the question: what is he waiting for?

[[Pan out again to Nefarious and Not in prison overalls, amid other prisoners]]
Dr. Nefarious: Somehow I doubt it's a chance to take us with him.
Dr. Not: After how you cheated him at go in 1999, it wouldn't surprise me...

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