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[[Still in their "Bog of Bloodbath" gear (which has obviously taken a beating), Tim, Patty, and Dexter make their way through a ruined keep. Dexter's skull helmet is half missing, split down the middle, while Patty no longer wears her chainmail bikini top. Instead, she appears to have fabric wrapped around her chest like a makeshift bra.]]
Patty: This really powerful player... Can you locate him, Tim?
Tim: My magic sense isn't really directional. But it's getting stronger, so we're getting closer.

Dexter: [Looking about] Something's not right.
Patty: [Growing annoyed] Blast it, Dexter! Your power of understatement is overwhelming my power of sarcasm.

Dexter: [Looking worried] No, no... I mean above and beyond what we've already seen. Whoever is hacking "BOB" is doing more than just fiddling with monster placement. He's injecting new code, things that shouldn't be here.

Patty: [Looking up at Dexter] And what, pray tell, gave you THIS incredible insight?
Dexter: [Pointing in front of Patty] Well, that Astromech droid for one thing...
[[In front of Patty, a small "Star Wars" droid like R2-D2 appears.]]
Droid: Whistle?

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