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Patty: A-a Star Wars droid? In a fantasy game?
Dexter: Exactly my point. The hacker is inserting new models into the game.
Droid: Bee Boo Bee?

Scott: Not just new models. He's rewriting the game from within. He's changing the game logic too. Our abilities, statistics, magic... none of that matters anymore. And you can bet the no-PVP flag isn't going to stop anything now...
Droid: Whistle!

Scott: This level of sophistication requires serious skill. This guy's GOOD. He's above and beyond any average script kiddie.
Patty: Could this be the Brotherhood? Well, a different faction?
Droid: Boop Beep?

Scott: I can't say for certain, but it's not Greg's style. This guy's probably independent. But you can bet he'll likely get their attention. Especially considering how many brothers play "Bloodbath".

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