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[[Still within "Bog of Bloodbath", Ki puts her new found ranger skills to the test, firing her arrow at Lord Catastro. The arrow flies true and finds its mark: right in Catastro's unshielded eye.]]

Catastro: AARGH!

[[Obviously tired and disheartened, Tim and Dexter nevertheless ready for battle.]]
Tim: H-He's distracted! We don't have much time! We've got to hit him hard and fast!
Dexter: We won't have time for a second pass! We better make the first shot count!

[[Patty runs past Tim and Dexter at full speed... in the direction opposite of Catastro.]]
Patty: Are you two SERIOUS?! This guy can change the rules on the fly! RUN!
Dexter: Uh, right.

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