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[["Lord Catastro", with pie on his face, swings around wildly, trying to identify who struck him.]]
Catastro: Who did that? Where did that pie come from?
Nick {{off-screen}}: _I_ did it. And it's time to see if you can play your own game.

[[As Nick speaks, Catastro's armor vanishes, leaving behind a scrawny male body clad only in boxer shorts. Only his massive helmet remains. Catastro balks at the transformation.]]
Nick {{off-screen}}: First we'll even the odds a little.
Catastro: Yipe!

[[As Nick continues to speak, Dexter, Ki, Tim, and Patty are all transformed so they are clad in futuristic battle armor similar to what Catastro wore before. While Ki and Tim examine their new attire, both Dexter and Patty sport devilish grins. Catastro stares at them in disbelief.]]
Nick {{off-screen}}: Then, we'll turn the tables. How's about them apples?
Patty: Oh, I'm going to _enjoy_ this...

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