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[[Back in the real world, Dexter, Tim, and Patty remove their MUTEX helmets.]]
Dexter: We're back!
Patty: [Looking down at herself] And so are our clothes.

Dexter: [Beaming] That was a blast! Expecially that final battle! No "BOB" quest chain could that THAT! With a few more tweaks to the MUTEX MMORPG code, it could totally be the best gaming experience EVER!

[[Dexter turns to look at Nick and Ki, both of whom glare at him disapprovingly. Nick folds his arms across his chest.]]

[[Dex turns to look at Tim and Patty. Tim shares Nick and Ki's glare, while Patty visibly bristles like a cat ready to tear apart his rival.]]
Dexter: Um... I take it that's a "no"...

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