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Uncle Wise [[picking up a box of Doodads & Whatsits]]: Retirement makes you reflect on a lot of things. Things former, things present... You kids should think about your future. One day you will find there are a lot fewer tomorrows than you previously anticipated.

Nick [[hauling a box of unidentified gizmos]]: This is from a man who invented a time machine...
Uncle Wise: I'm aware of the irony.

Ki [[Picking up a box of gadgets]]: Whatever became of that thing? You said you were going to dismantle it.
Uncle Wise: I DID. But I found I could never DESTROY it. It's packed up and ready to ship to New Mexico.

Uncle Wise: After hearing about your time traveling offspring, I couldn't bring myself to destroy it. Once YOU figure out the temporal logic surrounding whether or not its destruction will alter past AND future events, THEN I'll sleep better at night.
Ki [[blushes]]

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