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Otto: I didn't tell you, mostly because I still barely believe the tale myself. Yet it happened, and you might as well hear the entire thing.

Otto: Mind you, I don't know completely how it began, and frankly I have no idea how their story came to an end. But there was I, a young pup in my teens, thrust into a serial far stranger than any you'd catch at the matinee.

Otto: For me, the story begins in the spring of 1948. But for them I suppose it began in Nazi-occupied Austria of 1945. Well... Actually, I suppose it really began in 2002 in New York, if what they said was true...

Otto: Let me start again. In Austria, 1945 two women from 2002 were seeking to return to their own time, in hopes of saving Mrs. Von Schnagel's husband, whom they just left (again) in 1945...

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