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Special guest artist: Jim Alexander. Reprinted with his permission from his former online comic strip Algernon's Dilemma. Characters and artwork from Algernon's Dilemma are © Copyright 2003, Jim Alexander. All rights reserved.


[[Otto opens the door and walks into the room where his parents have been talking. Emily and Flavoura are behind him, but we don't see them just yet.]]
Greta: Otto~!! Where've you been all day?! Your father's been looking for you!!
Otto: Uh ~ Just AROUND!!

William: [handing Otto a large book] Son!! How'd you like to look over these new TECHNICAL MANUALS I've brought back from the base?!?
Otto: New tech manuals?!!

William: I know how you like to TINKER with new gadgets ~ and well, this is CUTTING EDGE technology, son!!
[[Flavoura enters through the door (we see Emily behind her) just in time to hear Otto's response.]]
Otto: WOW~!! Rocket designs!!

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