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[Comic for Sunday, July 26, 2009]

Special guest artist: Jim Alexander. Reprinted with his permission from his former online comic strip Algernon's Dilemma. Characters and artwork from Algernon's Dilemma are © Copyright 2003, Jim Alexander. All rights reserved.


[William Wisebottom is talking to his wife, Greta.]]
William: Where's OTTO, dear~?!?
Greta: I don't know!! I haven't seen him much at all these past few days~!!

[[Meanwhile, not far away... Otto is listening to Emily and Flavoura from around a corner.]]
Emily: So ~ How're we going to even get back onto the base to gain ACCESS to our TIME VESSEL ~ much less REPAIR it?!?! I heard the place is crawling with SECURITY!!

Emily: We're going to be STUCK HERE forever~!! And, I'll never see my beloved LEO again!! It's HOPELESS!!

[[Otto pokes his head around the corner.]]
Otto: Excuse me!!
[[Emily jumps, startled.]]

Emily: [whirling to face Otto] Huh?!?!

Otto: I think I may be able to ASSIST you ladies!!

[[Later... William is talking to Greta in their living room. He's obviously upset.]]
William: Where IS that boy?! He knows I need him to run me out to the base for my shift!!
Otto: [entering through the front door] Here I am, Pop!!

William: Where have you been?! It's nearly SIX ~ and, I'm supposed to be at work for SIX-THIRTY!!
Otto: Sorry~!! I was ~ uh ~ DELAYED!!

William: You can explain LATER~!! Right now ~ I need a ride to work!! LET'S GO!!

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