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[Comic for Sunday, August 9, 2009]

Special guest artist: Jim Alexander. Reprinted with his permission from his former online comic strip Algernon's Dilemma. Characters and artwork from Algernon's Dilemma are © Copyright 2003, Jim Alexander. All rights reserved.


[[Otto is driving to pick his father up from work, while also smuggling Emily and Flavoura onto the base. The two are wearing their time-travel outfits and are sitting in the back seat of Otto's car.]]
Flavoura: It's certainly convenient that your dad's a civilian contractor with the army ~ working at the very base where they're keeping our time vessel!!
Otto: Dad does a lot of projects for different clients!! It keeps us on the move a lot~!! I pass the time tinkering with my inventions!!

Otto: You'd be surprised at the number of projects I've assisted Dad ~ without his clients being any the wiser!!
Flavoura: I can imagine~!!

Otto: Okay~!! Once we get inside the gate ~ get out and make your way to the storage facility~~ Then wait for me there!!
Emily: [pulling a blanket or tarp over herself and Flavoura] WAIT for you?! How LONG?!!!

Otto: Until I drive my dad home and come back!!
Emily: COME BACK?!? That'll take over an HOUR!!

Otto: [driving onto the base] It can't be helped!! My dad doesn't know anything about YOU TWO~!! And, I don't think it would be in his best interest ~ or MINE ~ for him to find out!!

Otto: OK ~!! GO!! I'll be back as soon as I can~!!

[[Emily and Flavoura jump from the car and run behind a stack of shipping crates.]]

[[William approaches the car. Behind him we see the girls hiding behind the stack of crates.]]
William: Hey there, Son!! You're right on TIME!!

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